How to get 5000 free backlinks Fast

In your blog promotion, getting quality backlinks is really important, in order to increase your pagerank and your blog visibility. I have compiled a list a 5000 Dofollow backlinks.

Do you want lots of web traffic?

We can make web sites with tons of traffic and hits, we have sites with #1 positions on Google (TM), we have many domains names and generate several million dollars a year from web based businesses. We even know what your thinking!

You think we are arrogant. Well we don't care, we know how to make sites big on the interent and if you want to be a sucess too then we can help. In business it is all about money and the first rule for web business is: Web traffic = Money

You can have the best looking web site in the world but if no one sees it you will earn nothing. An average looking site with 1000s of people an hour will earn money, lots of money

The creator of this application has released this server based application, in a beta stage. And has mentioned that he does intend to eventually make it into a monthly subscription type service, but for now it’s 100% FREE and a webmaster’s Search Engine Optimization dream.

How & Why it works:
The application submits your site to up to 5,000 + PR6 whois sites. These are sites like Since these sites have such high SERP, google will find these and index your site(s) extremely fast, it will also provide a lot of link juice with links back to your site.

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Web traffic = Money
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