List of 1000 High PR .edu backlinks

Link Building is one of the greatest way to increase traffic, high ranking in search engines espcially Google. It also helps your website get higher pagerank and more traffic  to your website. There are many seo companies making a lot of money  by openning .edu links building services but If you are a regular reader of Technshare then I will give you huge list of .edu backlinks

Here is high pr backlink list, edu backlink, dofollowblog link, auto approve...;u=00029781;u=3180;u=298;u=4905 - logout and see profile;u=11010;u=111114;u=1583;u=26189;u=7768;u=2366;u=1764;u=186712;u=61829;u=62227;u=103514;u=8046;u=79309;u=64487;u=75541;u=51992;u=71785;u=148228;u=45406;u=61520;u=53135;u=63894;u=49099;u=34498;area=summary;u=53780;u=74749;u=194557

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