10 Common Ad Placement Mistakes (Google Adsense Policies)

Google Adsense is King of all Advertising network,but to maintain account, strict policy should be followed.Thousand of Adsense Publishers are getting banned from Google due to Adsense Policy violation.Google does this to protect interest of advertisers.A lot of question asked by Newbie whether they placed Ad perfectly or not. So here I’m listing Top 10 Ad Placement Mistakes.

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Publishers participating in the AdSense program are required to adhere to the following policies, so please read them carefully. If you fail to comply with these policies, we reserve the right to disable ad serving to your site and/or disable your AdSense account at any time. If your account is disabled, you will not be eligible for further participation in the AdSense program.
Because we may change our policies at any time, please check here often for updates. Pursuant to our Terms and Conditions, it's your responsibility to keep up to date with, and adhere to, the policies posted here.

1. Putting advert which is difficult to differentiate ads and contents

Publishers could not implement Google advertisements in a fashion that disguises the ads in any way. In an effort to preserve a great consumer experience, it is important for publishers to obviously distinguish Google advertisements from web site content.

2. Placing adverts beneath a deceptive heading
Publishers usually attempt to mislead customers by putting advertisements under irrelevant heading which increases probabilities of clicking advertisements, but by doing so they’re violating Adsense policies.

3. Aligning pictures with Adsense ads
Publishers might not try to associate particular images with the individual advertisements showing on their sites. Such an implementation could  confuse users and lead invalid clicks.

4. Ads under drop down menus
In keeping with Google Adsense we can’t place advertisements beneath dropdown menus as it may lead unintended click.

5.  Ads in Software
Never place ads in Software, Google don’t allows it.

6. Including Google ads in emails
Google Adsense program doesn’t allow AdSense ad code to be placed in email messages or newsletters.

7. Formatting content or links to mimic ads
As already mentioned, Publishers might not implement Google ads in a way that disguises the ads in any manner or place link ads between external ads so they give the impression of being same. Because it will difficult to tell the hyperlinked content apart from the ad.

8. Copyrighted Material
AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on web pages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content. Please see our DMCA policy for more information.

9. Change the color of your Ads
I highly advice that you change the title and description of your posts. You keep repeating the same words over and over. Your site looks like a spam from the outer space. Add a more relevant content that people will read.

10. Google Advertising Cookie
The DoubleClick DART cookie is used by Google in the ads served on the websites of its partners, such as websites displaying AdSense ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a partner's website and either view or click on an ad, a cookie may be dropped on that end user's browser. The data gathered from these cookies will be used to help better serve and manage ads on the publisher's site(s) and across the web.

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