SEO Ranking: Coping With Constant Changes!

Any website owner would be distressed to see their ranking on the search engines drop overnight. A first reaction might be an urgent call to ask the designer what went wrong. The revolution in business development, internet marketing strategy, new clients and keeping with time constraints are some of the challenges that SEO copes with as well as constant change. So it is indeed important to know about some of the ongoing activities happening on the internet that directly affects SEO ranking.
Google Preview
On November 11, 2010 Google launched a new feature in online search, the Google instant preview. This is the ability to have a glimpse of the web page design on the Google SERP's. Located next to the title in any search result is a "magnifying glass" icon that can be clicked on and a preview of the website pops up.
In terms of SEO, Google preview means there is now a visual representation of individual web design that can impress users through any search results preview. A poorly designed index web page perceived by a user will most likely not be clicked on to be viewed. Changes such as this to a leading search engine becomes a continuous challenge to web designers to catch the user's attention with a simple lay-out scheme.
Best Trends
With differing opinions regarding users searching capability and the best web design SEO practices, it still is possible to ensure that a website ranks high on SERP's. Following are the three best trends that can be applied to increase SEO rankings in these changing times.

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) - SMO is an internet marketing strategy using social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and many others. Using various SMO to communicate products to social media users can greatly help achieved goals to optimize a business website. SMO offers added features like: RSS feeds; sharing buttons; polling tools; functionality for incorporating videos, presentations and images; user ratings and other promotional activities like blogging; comments; ability to participate in discussion groups; and posting personal status updates, all of which can be advantageous for any business internet presence.
  • Real Time Search - This is one of the innovative features added to Google search that began in December 2009. Through this feature, finding the most relevant result is easier since dynamic results are being delivered from many different sources including real-time information. This changed algorithms and Google's gained power over its competitors to offer SEO benefits by: utilizing the latest topical and breaking news to improve SEO; getting feedback to improve business performance; and scan for great ideas on trending topics to start business marketing campaigns.
  • Load Time - As had been predicted, one of the changes that leading search engines implemented and rapidly affected website SEO rankings was the page load time. If any page on a website takes too long to load, a decline in ranking should be expected. Note what Google recommends: that pages should load within 3 seconds or less; it accomplished, high-ranking can be continually enjoyed on this leading search engine. 
By Chris M Hunter 

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