How to Write a 400 Word Article Quickly

One of the real keys to article marketing is to be able to write articles quickly. This means being able to crank out 400 word articles fast, so fast that in one hour you can write 3-5 articles. This means that in one year, you could write 1000 or more articles, writing just one hour per day. That's right - 3 articles a day = 1000 articles a year, give or take. And 5 per day = about 1500 per year. Imagine if one year ago you had started writing 5 articles per day, and you had 1000 or 1500 articles online right now, what would that really mean for you? What would it mean for you if you had that many articles right now?

How much more traffic would you be getting to your website? Would it be worth it? If you think it would be worth it, then the next step is to ask "what can I do to get to where I can do it"? So if it is important, then you take the next step - just do it. And in this article, I will show you how.

First, you are limited by your typing speed. If you type at 20 words per minute, you can type 400 words in 20 minutes. If you type less than 20 words per minute, it will take you longer. If you type at LESS than 20 words per minute, I suggest finding a way to type faster. That might mean practice. That might mean taking a typing class. Would it be worth taking one month and learning to type faster to be able to type 2 times as fast for the rest of your life? You would double your productivity! Imagine that. One month investment in typing. And a doubling of personal productivity for the rest of your life!
So just do it. Learn to type faster.

Second: Learn to organize your articles faster. The way I do it is think of a topic. Then in the first paragraph I explain why it is important that I share what I am going to write about. Notice how I do this in this article. Go read my last 5 articles as more examples.
3rd: Now just write the article. Don't worry about structure of the article. Just write what you know. It's only 400 words. You can speak 400 words in about 3 minutes. Just write what comes to your mind. Edit later. You might not need to make any edits except for spelling. Just write.
By Sean R Mize 

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