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Search Engine Optimization commonly shortened as SEO. We all know search engine is the only option for promoting a website and the fact can’t be denied and the person who promotes a website is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimizer). To see our website on 1st page and at the top of search engine with just a 1 click is everyone’s wish and this can be possible with SEO only. There are many factors or tips and techniques which are important for promoting or ranking a website higher in the search engine and an SEO must keep in mind.

Let’s discuss in brief the various factors:

1. Put your keyword in your title as search engine gives utmost important to the title tag and try to use these words frequently in your blog. Keywords, or phrases, are usually search engine users will type in the search box to find a page like yours

2. Keep on adding fresh and new contents, phrases and words it helps in improving website ranking

3. Choose your keywords different from others

4. Try to use keywords in your URL.

5. Write the relevant content in the blog don’t write unnecessary phrases, words.

These were some of the important points that one must keep in mind. And it’s better to take training in SEO before working on it. As there are a large number of Institutes which are giving SEO training and one such Institute is ADMEC which gives SEO Training at professional level and that too in just 3 months. After that you can work in any company or in SEO Firms or can go for a free lancing work also.

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