12 Things You Should NOT Do In Blogging

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If you are blogging then you will have one aim in common with other bloggers, more traffic, more traffic and more traffic. This is not at all as there are millions of people around the world to read your blog and this not going to be a very competent job for you if you know these 8 things that should not be done in blogging.Here we go,

Do Not Expect Success Without Promoting

Do not expect success without promoting as you have to go to the readers and do not expect the readers to find your great contents. Submit your articles to article directories where people will find you and use hyperlinks to let them know more about you and your blog when they are reading these articles. There are umpteen numbers of things that you can do to promote you and your blogs.

Avoid time lags between your posts

It is very important that you publish your posts in time and therefore do not stop posting regularly. Even if you are not able to post regularly on a daily basis, post once in a week, once in a month or once in a fortnight. Make it a habit as even you can schedule posts in platforms like wordpress.

Do not have too many advertisements on your blog

When you are placing ads, place them either on the side of the posts or on the top or the bottom of the posts. Too many ads are like too many cooks who will spoil your posts and not the broth this time. Cluttering with ads will irritate potential readers and make them leave easily.

Don’t Be Anonymous

Write an useful About me or About us page, which will tell your readers more about you like who you are and how qualified you are as a blogger and in the topic you have written. If you are an expertise on a specific area of interest then your blog will be unique and interesting.

Do not fill your blogs with hodgepodge information

Write a more meaningful and informative blogpost, which means that even if you write a post of 500 words it should be filled with information and a SE optimized one.

Don’t forget to proof read

Whatever you write on the blog is going to be there forever, even after you die, so is better to proof read your blogposts.

Don’t forget to link

Link to your posts and the sources of information, as giving the due credit will not only authenticate the information on your blogs but also will bring in more traffic when you back link your posts to your and others posts on similar topics.
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Do Not Expect Overnight Results

Blogging is not a means of making overnight results, and you cannot make money with one or two posts to make some good money. You need to work initially until you establish your blog, and once established there is room for everyone. If you had been thinking blogging as a bed of roses, then you are wrong. You have the thickets of thorns to reach that level in blogging.

Respect Other Bloggers

As mentioned elsewhere, there is room for everyone in the world of blogging, this is important that you work hard and smart causing no harm to your fellow bloggers. You need not try to find faults to establish yourself, and all you need to do is work mutually with your fellow blogger or a blogger who is on the top in your niche. Work on your niche and do not lose your reputation by being a bad blogger by stealing your fellow bloggers information.

Do Not Fail To Update Your Blog Regularly

This is a good habit to update your blog on a daily basis, but this is not possible always. You can keep a schedule to update your blogs, like once in two days, once in a week, or in a month. But see that you update the blog regularly and systematically with good quality work at the least until you establish yourself. Once you build your reputation, try to maintain that if you are finding this hard to go higher, as in the blogging world there is no end on the top.

You Must Not Ignore Your Readers

If you are blogging as a career, then your readers are your assets, and you need to do the needful by providing interesting information to your readers and write interestingly to keep them engaged. Write interestingly, differently and show your dedication in your writing. Happy and satisfied reader and visitors will turn into your regular visitors of your blogs thereby increasing the traffic. Write more about what your readers want.

Do Not Ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many bloggers do not even know what SEO is. Learn more about offline and online SEO and see that if your blogs are SEO optimized for most of the prominent search engines, and especially if you could get them optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo, then you will find your blog getting popular and bigger.

Let us know if you are following these things or have some tips to share. Comments are always appreciated!!

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