Strategies to drive traffic using twitter

If you are thinking of using the social media to promote and drive more traffic to your website and blogs then twitter is one of the options that you could rely on and make the best use of your tweets and retweets.
Discussed here are some of the best ways to promote traffic to your website using twitter:

Follow people
In twitter you do not add friends but follow people and in turn they will follow you. When you are trying to follow people follow those whom you know and then through them follow many more new people and also you can follow groups who are related to your business.

Use Twitter Search
Do a relevant twitter search choosing appropriate keywords and follow all the people who are in your niche and you will find more people in your business sector and you can get to know how your competitors are performing well by following them and finding different solutions. 

Keep Tweeting
When The thumb rule is to keep tweeting, this mean not tweet 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, do so only one or two hours in a day to begin with and later on following your tweet build up, tweet once or twice in a week and so on depending on your business and the purpose you tweet for. If you are tweeting only for business, you will not be able to drive much traffic to your website and blog if you are small business owner a simple idea that works well is to tweet only two out of five tweets in a day about your business, and the rest are about related and interesting informative topics. Spend your time on choosing these tweets and you will find traffic to your website increasing considerably.

Complete your bio  
Research shows that Tweeps (jargon for Twitter users) who have a complete bio, including a personal profile picture (not an icon!), a location, and a short blurb about themselves have eight times more followers than those who don’t. They are also 15 times more likely to have power followers, or Tweeps with a high Twitter Grade. You are limited to 160 characters for your Twitter bio, so make every word count. Write about your interests and hobbies but don’t use it to promote your company or product. Make sure to include a link to your website. Twitter users who have done so are 22 times more likely to have power followers.

Get followers using Tweepi:  
Once you have established a number of Tweeps whose Tweets you can enjoy, you can leverage their Twitter follower base to add to yours using Tweepi’s Geeky Follow tool. Simply enter the screen

Automate your tweets
Tweeting is extremely addictive and if you’re not careful, it could take over your life. Fortunately, many Twitter applications, both paid and free, have been launched that allow Tweeps to schedule their tweets in the future and even automate their tweets. This allows you to Tweet interesting links to your followers and drive more traffic to your website even when you’re asleep. Sites like Hootsuite, TweetAdder and SocialOomph are good places to start.

Share your personality

Don’t just bombard your Twitter followers with a constant stream of links. Mix it up with tweets about your activities, your interests, and maybe even some quotes that you find intriguing. The point is to let your followers know that there is a real person behind the Twitter account, not simply an automated bot that constantly recycles tweets about your content.

Build friendships

Connecting with your followers is a great way to increase traffic to your website. Reply to their tweets, retweet their tweets, and generally socialize with your new Twitter friends. Having a good retweeting buddy means that you can access your buddy’s follower base as well, thus widening your message’s reach. Always thank someone who retweets your links and return the favor. Also, don’t forget to give a Follow Friday shoutout to your new Twitter buddies.

Use hashtags
Using hashtags in Twitter are like using tags on Flickr or adding categories to your blog. It adds an extra layer of data to your tweets, where users can simply click on the hashtag to see a list of tweets that also include that hashtag. To add a hashtag, simply include the “#” symbol before a keyword. Don’t forget to use CamelCase. For example, tweet “#NewYork” instead of “#New York.” However, Twitter etiquette dictates that you should use hashtags sparingly, so never use more than three or four hashtags in a single tweet.  

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