What Are The Most Common Web Content Writing Mistakes?

One of the biggest ways to draw in steady streams of traffic to any website is through quality web content articles.  They can be posted as web content; blog content; as an Ezine article or a Ehow guide.  In any case, creating and publishing these articles is vital to the positive statistics of your website visitors.

However, when putting together web content either on your own or for someone else, there’s quite a few common mistakes that pass right by unnoticed.  If you know what they are, you’ll be a lot more ready to actually catch them and stop them as they come.

Mistake #1: Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation.  Maybe you saw this one coming: but when you’re actually creating your web content, what seems to be the easiest-to-avoid error can be your downfall.  Many websites have web content with 20 or 30 run-on sentences.  Make sure you don’t just write the web content; you need to proofread it as well to avoid this #1 common mistake.

Mistake #2: Changing voices.  Throughout your web content article, it’s not hard to suddenly go from “I” to “them” or “you” to “her.”  Stay in the first, second, or third person, whichever one you choose.  If you’re not consistent, your reader will be left scratching their heads as to who you are referring to.

Mistake #3: Too much hype.  Everyone writes web content for a purpose, right?  Maybe you’re promoting your newest line of kitty treats.  If you are the writer, you will probably want to write all about the product.  Just how great it is; how cute the shapes are; the amazing ingredients; and so on.  But beware: your reader will quickly leave your web content if it is only promotional.  Readers want to obtain something from what they read.  They don’t want to waste time reading a sales pitch.

To avoid this common mistake, think of what value you can offer your reader.  Instead of it being all about your kitty treats, transfer the subject to “Nutritional Cat Foods” and promote your line in the last sentence.  Let your reader know what foods can harm a kitty; and why your ingredients are important.

Mistake #4: Too broad.  Your reader wants to get specific.  They came to your web content article because of the title: and if you start going out broadly with no general direction, as is a common easy mistake to make when writing web content, they’ll soon be turned away from reading your content.

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