How To Attract Visitors To Your Blog (At No Cost)

So, you have a blog.  The problem is you don’t have enough readers.  Maybe you’re paying to post great content: maybe you write it yourself.  If you aren’t getting the attention you need, here are a few helpful tips that will increase your blog traffic and get some eyes on your updated content.  Best of all, they’re free and easy to do!

Visitor Attraction Tip #1: Networking.  Here, it can be as simple as getting out to meet your neighbors.  And I’m not talking about the people down your street.  Who’s in your niche?  Who is in the social forums?  Get connected to people you might relate to by posting in relevant forums and making friends.  Don’t forget the relatives.  Email all your friends and family your new blog.

Visitor Attraction Tip #2: Be a Blog Reader.  A great blog writer is also a blog reader.  What’s your competition?  How can you succeed like they are?  Scoring a post inside a popular blog can get you really high traffic wise: look into being a guest blogger.  Comment on blogs that are inside your topics.  This is a great way to get noticed by people who might be interested in what you have to offer.  It’s free and easy and it works.  However, the only catch is to give out comments that actually read more than “I agree!”

Visitor Attraction Tip #3: Link Love.  Blog owners (other than yourself) watch their blog like a hawk; they’ll notice immediately if someone links to them.  This will lead to a lovely friendship.  Be aware of other opportunities your readers might be into; instead of getting them to stay on your blog, talk to the people they are going to.

Visitor Attraction Tip #4: Promote.  You’ll never get around this one. Without promotion, I hate to say it, you’re really going nowhere.  Put your blog url on every place that will get noticed.  Think about flyers, business cards, letterheads, and a link in every email you send out.

Visitor Attraction Tip #5: SEO.  Here’s another one you can’t ignore if you want the search engines to pick up on your blog.  Whatever niche or subject you’re into, your blog content should be optimized so that someone searching for a relevant keyword on your topics will come eventually to your blog through Google.  Don’t go crazy with the keywords, but incorporate them at a good density in each post.

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