What Kind of Website Content Ranks High On Google?

Keywords are typed into Google's search box at the rate of millions every day. What's the result? Unless you typed in a ten word search phrase, the result is probably over a million pages of website content results. And what is the chance of you heading to the millionth page? Well - one in a million.
Today, the website content that rank at the top of Google aren't the keyword stuffed, nonsensical content that most people imagine. Ranking at the top of Google's content kings are simple websites that have well written and solid amounts of content. These are what makes it to number one in the search results. Back then, it may have been the stuffed keywords that hit page #1; but the algorithm is changing. Google is only ranking valid sites that aren't written because of a search engine. More and more, their robots are putting human readers into the equation.
Success Features for Website Content
More and more, Google is able to find good sites that have readable, well written content, and will put those as the foremost result. However their technical process is constructed, it seems to only pull out the good content for first page search results. If you want to rank high on Google, you need good content. It's as simple as that. But what is all included in good content?
Here are the seven rules for your website content to rank high on Google:
1. Update your content. Here's what Google is looking for. If you are frequently adding content to your website - at least one time a week - the chances of you ranking high in their results are much, much better. This is where blogs and articles come in handy.
2. Grammar. Try to stay away from all grammatical errors. Interestingly, the Google bots are becoming smarter: anything that looks like gibberish won't be chosen by the spiders. We don't know exactly Google's process, but it certainly looks like they use a spellchecker when looking for results.
3. Shorter is better. Break up your content. Don't go for one long paragraph. List your services in a numbered format. Have a list make up some of your website content text. Go for brief sentences in less than 10 words.
4. Relevant content. Okay, so it does include a little SEO. And don't go for just one keyword alone. Terms that are related to the keyword (secondary or cousin keywords) are also in the SEO equation.

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