How To Make Money Using a Blog

Many friends have asked me whether we can make money online from blogs or not. I told them you can make money even by selling lemonade at the corner of your school but the main problem is that you must have passion and time for what you will be blogging. Many people fail because they are starting blogs just to make money , they are writing 2 or 3 articles and they are using different affiliate links and other advertisement programs to catch any cents.
You must know that in order to make some money , at least you should know what you are talking about and not post just crap in order to increase number of posts in your blog.
Many newbies on the internet doesn't even know how to get a free blog online so in this article I will explain step by step what you have to do in order to make some cash from your blog
There are 2 big blog providers online which are

- WordPress has a lot of templates and widgets so you can use for your blog , you can create categories and you can even purchase more space and other cool features if you upgrade
- Blogger was purchased by Google so the best part is that you can get accepted to Adsense through Blogger. The bad part is that you cannot create categories but you can give Labels to your posts as they were categories (Im doing it)

You must know that creating a blog is really simple but updating it everyday with new and unique content is really a hard work (its not so hard if you speak about your favorite niche like I'm doing) So content will be the judger whether you will be a successful blogger or not, if you will update it once a week chances will be very low but if you will post good and unique content every day then you will be in the right road

So ok so far , you have created the blog , you chose your template and you are posting some articles. You will ask how will you get the traffic ?
There are tons of ways to drive traffic to a blog , I will explain some of the techniques I'm also using
  • Register at
  • Register at
  • If you are a member of DigitalPoint Forum add your RSS Feed to your profile (it will be shown under your username everytime you post a new reply or thread)
  • Write some unique articles and upload them at Article Directories (See this post for more explanations)
  • Register at
  • Add your blog url to your signatures in every forum you are (if possible add also an avatar with your blog's address)
  • Add your blog url to high pr directories
So with 7 easy and free ways you can start seeing some increases in your traffic (Note that if you dont post regularly your traffic may decrease again)
Now I know that all of you are thinking , how will we be making money from our blogs ? Its really simple but I would strongly recommend use just 2 or maximum 3 advertisments and do not put the advertisements from the beginning (wait until you have some traffic then you may add them) Make sure your advertisements and other widgets are like your template so you wont have a lot of contrast.
Here I'm listing the ways how you can make money from your blog once you have some decent traffic and some readers
  • Adsense (CPM & PPC which pays differently for each niche)
  • Text-Link-Ads (Get Money if someone buys a link to your site from TLA)
  • ReviewMe (Get paid for different reviews you make , more traffic you have more you will earn)
  • PayPerPost (same as ReviewMe but it has more advertisers in their network)
  • Money4Banners (Doesn't matter if you have a small or big blog , you get 10$ when you sign up and 5$ every month just to display their advertisment
  • WidgetBucks (this seems to be most promising program which pays very high rates but nobody has received any payment so far as its a new company)

So I'm listing just these 6 ways but if you would be interested on others feel free to contact me and I will share my experience with you.

Make sure you use proper keywords for each article and make sure your blog structure is like :
and not like : (SEO Purposes)

Share your comments for this article if you found anything special !
This article was created for some friends who asked me how can we make money from blogs and I believe that an advanced webmaster knows almost everything explained here
- moneymakerinfo

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