30 Days to More Productivity and Traffic

Every month I set a 30 day challenge for myself. The idea is to form new habits, create more free traffic, advance my knowledge on marketing and to solidify an already unstoppable mindset. The process is very powerful. It has been responsible for my continuing growth in this industry, and will continue to do so as long as keep setting these goals. Today I want to run through this month's challenge I set for myself. My hope is that you see the power in this simple process and start to implement it into your own daily, weekly and monthly schedule. It's very easy to get distracted in this business, to stay focused, we must have some sort of plan.

At the end of this Month's challenge I will have the following list completed...
1) I will have meditated consistently for 20 minutes every day this month.
2) I will have completed a 30 day exercise program.
3) I will have drank 150 pints of water.
4) I will have listened to 5 inspirational and motivational audiobooks.
5) I will have contemplated my future for 10 hours in a quiet room.
6) I would have taken 30 walks around the local park to clear my head every morning.
1) I will have written 5 guest posts on high traffic blogs.
2) I will have created 5 videos about my business and uploaded them to the top 10 video sharing websites.
3) I will have written 5 press releases and submitted them to top 10 sites.
4) I will have commented on 300 hundred blog posts within my niche with a link back to my website.
5) I will have added 450 valuable comments to forums within my niche.
6) I will have written 30 blog posts for my own website.
7) I will submit all articles to top 5 directories for syndication.
8) I will convert 30 posts into PDF and submit to top 10 sharing websites.
9) I will have read 5 marketing eBooks related to my business.
At first glance the above 30 day goals may seem like a lot, but actually, this process is very simple to do. After the first 20 days have passed I will be on the way to forming a few new habits, plus, I will begin to see consistent traffic coming to my website.
Let me break down how I implement this strategy each day.
· I get up out of bed at 6am.
· Drink a pint of water and eat healthy breakfast.
· I take a 15 minute walk around the local park.
· I then meditate for 20 minutes.
· I exercise for 20 minutes.
· I write blog post for website.
· I comment on 10 blog posts within my niche.
· I leave 5 comments on 3 different forums.
· I then read 10 to 20 pages of a business eBook.
· I contemplate how the information in the book can help my business (20 minutes)
Everything above brings me up to about 12 o clock. It's time for a break at this stage and I usually get out of the house for an hour or two. When I come back, I'll most likely implement a few more traffic generating strategies like social bookmarking, interaction on Facebook and twitter etc. My goal is always complete my daily (30 day challenge) tasks before I move onto anything else.

On alternative days I will also include writing a press release, a guest post, or create a video. Once I produce 5 of each within the 30 days I'm good to go. Everything is chartered on my whiteboard which is in front of me at all times. If I fail to do even one task on my list, the 30 days start all over again. This takes a little bit of discipline but once you persevere through the 20 day mark, it gets very easy to continue. I have formed some fantastic new habits just from this daily, weekly and monthly challenges I set for myself.

I also have an end goal for what I want to have achieved by the end of the 30 days. For example, with the traffic generating goals I set for myself, I would be aiming to get a consistent "20 leads" a day into my business. Sometimes I'll set a goal to have 40 leads coming into my business on a daily basis once the 30 days have been completed.
By Declan O Flaherty

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