PPC Tips: Increase your PPC Revenue

Tips Increase PPC Revenue

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1. Increase traffic. Traffic is an important factor for a blog that want to monetize, and keep your visitors coming from search engines
2. Make Blog simply. create a blog as simple as possible. No need to install a lot of widgets such as: shout box, vote, etc.
3. Ads position, ads position is crucial! Therefore, place ads in strategic places such as: the header, in posts, etc.
4. Focus on one ads, Do not put another ad like infolinks, amazon, etc (but it's up to you, it's just tips from me).
5. Motivation, which give visitors the choice is: click the ad or go ..

So a few tips to increase revenue from PPC  hopefully useful for you
How to increase revenue from Adsense or other PPC? The answer is to use a trick for a lot of ads clicked on by visitors. How do I? here are some tips on increasing income from adsense.

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