14 Ways to Make Your Visitors Come Back

One of the most important things that we need to do is to get traffic to our website. Not just any old traffic though, we need to get targeted traffic. Equally important is to get those visitors to come back to our website again and again and to also tell other people about us so that they come and visit.
Here are 14 things that you can implement on your site to not only get visitors to come back but to also spread the word about your great website:
1. Your home page should contain detailed information about what your site is all about. The worst thing you can do is to bring people to your gardening site and talk about fly fishing.
2. You need to have great content on your site. You only get one shot to make a good impression. If you content sucks, your visitors won't stay and they won't come back.
3. You need to have easy navigation on your website. A goof format is to have a site menu at the top, bottom or on the side of every page. That way, your visitors can easily navigate between the different categories on your site.
4. The links on your site should be labeled correctly. If you have a link to a resource about "linking strategies", don't send your visitors to a link about "copy writing".
5. Make your site easy to read. If you have black text on a very light background, that is the best format for reading. Some people say that light text on a dark background works too, but I prefer the black text on a very light background.
6. Make sure that you have a good color scheme for your site. If you have a gardening site, you may want to use green and brown colors. Just don't use colors that clash because those colors can be very disturbing and distracting.
7. The pages on your website should all follow the same format. You want your site to be uniform and not hodge-podge.
8. Make sure that your pages consist of a layout that will work for all screen resolutions. Don't make your pages too wide so that people have to scroll back and forth. Likewise, don't make your pages too long so that people have to scroll down too much.
9. Your website needs to work for all of your visitors. So, if your site contains a lot of graphics or animation and flash movies, these will take a lot of time to load. Some people are still using a dial-up connection and may not be able to load your pages. Use graphics and flash sparingly on your site. Too much would make it look tacky.
10. When you are creating your pages, make sure that they are compatible with the most-used browsers; Firefox, Internet Explorer and Mozilla. People use different browsers when they are searching the web so if your website is compatible with these three, you will be fine.
11. Use plug-ins sparingly. Some browsers do not accept some plug-ins. If your site contains a lot of plug-ins, your site may not be visually appealing.
12. When you use graphics on your site, make sure that they are high resolution. This is extremely important if you are selling products on your site. There is nothing worse than looking at a fuzzy photo of something you want to buy.
13. And, of course, the all-important - test before you publish. As with anything you do on your website, pull it up as if you were a visitor and go through everything. Read the text, click on the links, and pull up all of the pages. That way, if you do have a problem on your site, you will find it before a visitor does.
14. Let's say that you don't know anything about html or website design and you don't want to know anything about it. Hire a good web designer to build your site. There are also templates that you can use. You can buy these online. Just do a search for website templates.
To summarize, your site needs to be updated for relevant content on a regular basis and the navigation needs to work properly. Use graphics and flash sparingly and make sure that your navigation works properly. If you don't think your site is up to snuff, give it an overhaul. If you are using word press, change the theme or the color scheme. You can also change the graphics or the header to give your site a fresh look.

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