SEO for Mobile Websites (WAP)

Mobile websites are the new trend of the future. There are now so many cell phones in use that you would be missing out on a lot of traffic if you did not utilize these types of websites. These sites have their own search engines and need their own form of SEO or search engine optimization. Search engines for these sites are still quite new so this means that you must take a few steps to fully optimize your mobile website.
The first thing to do is to make sure that your site loads quickly and the content comes up correctly on a mobile phone. In order to do this you will need to make sure your content is optimized and be sure the files are as small as possible. Use all the usual SEO white hat tactics that you would use with a regular site. Be sure to insert the right HTML tags.
It is wise to make a mobile site map. You can do this at Google Webmaster Central. Here you will find some XML code to insert into your mobile websites which will help you to set this site map up. A key point to remember is to insert the HTML tag into the XML code. This will ensure that your site will get crawled by the mobile search engines. Read through Google's instructions carefully to get this right. Submit your site map to Google Webmasters.
Your domain name should be short and relevant. This will ensure that your site is remembered by visitors and indexed better. Try to use your main keyword for the domain name. Remember to submit your blogs to the mobile directories. This will help you to get noticed. Submit your mobile websites to the Google mobile site index. This is a little slow and will take about 2 weeks to be indexed. In the meantime try to submit blogs to the directories. It is important to do social networking SEO with your Mobile SEO as these two techniques go together and form a very powerful marketing tool.
There are many benefits of SEO for these sites. As mentioned with all the mobile phones and apps out there you will be drawing on a huge market. Mobile SEO ensures that you attract targeted people to your website. It is a little work at first but the extra traffic will be well worth it and once you have optimized your mobile websites you will not have to do it again. You should be on the lookout for new trends and techniques as this is a fairly new form of marketing.
By Ferrughelli

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