TOP 10 link building techniques

Your website is all ready, excellent design, good looks, great products and services, and awesome content! It's live on the internet. What next? Well, the very next step is, to make sure that you are "seen" - more rightly put, you need to promote your website in such a way that potential customers know that you exist. So, your aim is to create an unparalleled online presence. Link building is one of the many Search Engine Optimization techniques, to gain visibility and higher search engine rankings.

Link building techniques include methods in which you can get links pointing back to your website from other popular (quality) websites hence increasing the traffic to your website via back links and gaining visibility and higher search engine ranking in the long run.

Here are top 10 link building techniques:

  • Link Exchange: Select for your website, quality link partners for linking. (Be aware of link farms - it's a sure downhill path). Quality linking sites drive quality traffic to your website.
  • Article Submissions: This link building technique includes submitting articles with links to your website to popular article directories.
  • Directory Submissions: Select the most popular web directories to submit your website address to.
  • Forums: Use forums, ask some questions, answer the ones that you have knowledge of - don't forget to link back to your website.
  • Blogging and blog comments: Maintain Blogs and keep the content unique and fresh. Link the blogs to your website (or write blogs on your website itself). Encourage comments and make sure that you sincerely reply so that there is continuous communication.
  • Guest Blogging: Invite experts in your field to write a blog for you. This will give some more credibility for your site.
  • Social Media: Create profiles on social media websites and promote your website there with back links to your website.
  • Videos: Promotions via videos are a great way to go. Videos are more appealing to users than reading text!
  • Press Releases: To gain attention to your website and let users know about some new updates, services etc. A good way for website promotion.
  • Social Bookmarking: bookmark your website, articles etc on all social bookmarking websites. This will help you gain visibility and this is an effective way to get good backlinks.

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