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Keyword research plays a central role in the process of search engine optimization. It is therefore important that it is done effectively to be able to gauge the most recent competition for a given keyword and predict the future trends for a give keyword. Keyword research is like mining gold since it is the most crucial part yet very rewarding if you get the right keyword that will rank easily. While it sounds like something easy it is very technical and dynamic and therefore requires tools that are reliable.

The strength of keyword research not only lies in having the best tools but also the skills that you possess. It is a skill that is acquired with time. The major determining factor on the choice of the best research tool is whether your marketing approach is PPC or natural search engine ranking. The Google Keyword tool is one of the most prominent keyword research tools that we can ever have and it is a well designed tool for the purpose of keyword research since it also helps to estimate the amount of traffic that frequents a keyword using the keyword traffic estimator. Most importantly is the role that the Google Keyword tool plays in the setting up the Google AdWords Campaigns. If you are using the Google AdWords for marketing your business you will find Google keyword tool to be the best tool for this job.
Regardless of the marketing plan that you have in plan free keyword tools can be a good way of giving you a head start as well as helping you save some money that you would otherwise spend on useless software. If you have enough money or your budget can accommodate purchasing a keyword research tool it can be a good investment but not a priority since the keyword tools offered for free do great things. If you are looking for an SEO strategy you may consider getting a keyword tool that will help you. Traffic Travis has proven to be the best keyword tool for strategic search engine optimization plan. It s analysis is based on how hard it is to rank for a keyword. This result gives you an insight on the amount of search engine optimization effort that is needed for ranking a given keyword.
Other free keyword tools that come in handy include Wordtracker that also comes with a paid version. The only short coming that free version of Wordtracker is not reliable and it does not exceed a total of 30 results per query. This poses a serious limitation to a great research task. Yahoo search engine also provides a certain guide to keyword research that can be described to be similar to Google suggest option in the Google keyword tool.
Other than these tools highlighted above the paid tools also are great and they also have a great efficiency in terms of research and analysis. Their continuous update also provides a good way of improving them and making then more useful. Some of these tools include Market Samurai, Keyword Elite, Keyword Expert and SpyFu. Each of these keywords is unique and they all provide the same service but with little variations. It is also sensible to suggest that since these are paid software they are more likely to match the effectiveness of the ultimate keyword tool that is Google Keyword tool
By Dominic Payne

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