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There are a plethora of articles and advice about link building, but the ones I have read don't really tell you how to do it. Or rather they tell you how you need to get backlinks from other sites to your own, and say that you need to scatter your URL around the Internet on sites that are relevant to your niche, and so eventually climb the Search Engine Rankings Pages (SERPS). What these article and advice don't tell you is how you actually make a link, and neither do they suggest that cross-referencing (building links to your different articles and posts all with their individual address) within your site is also good for your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so that the site climbs the search engine's (e.g. Google's) index pages.
When you are typing your article in the box provided or have copy-pasted it into your site, you will see two links in a chain. You click on this icon and will be given a box which may have the "http:// " part of the address already given, but may not, in which case you have to type this in along with the "www. and address and identity" of the article you want to link to. This information can be found in the long, elongated box at the top of your screen, but be careful, if you are typing the address manually that you have copied all of it. To ensure that you have done so, click on this box and it will turn blue, then click again and run through the box to the end of the address. Believe it or not, some people only type in the address part that they can see and so do not have a link that works in their post. Always test the link to make sure that it works.
When you cross-reference in this way you are ensuring that traffic stays longer on your site. People will click on the links to find the extra information on stand-alone posts or articles, and in theory at least, the longer someone stays in you site, the more chances there are of your making a sale. The bounce rate (the length of time your visitors spend on your site) will be low as they stay rather than just look at one article or product and exit rapidly.
Of course, to cross-reference and have links to other parts of your site, you need to have plenty of original, engaging content. This means that you have to work at building up your site to take advantages of the opportunities having a domain affords you. This is why you cannot expect a site to climb in the SERPS immediately, it takes time and effort. If you are really new to online marketing some advice from a reputable SEO professional would be of immense value to you and your new site.
Every time you add content to your site, make sure that there are references that can be made into links with other pages in your site and go back to the post you are referring traffic to and add a link to your new post. If you leave this part of the work until later, you may have a huge amount of work to update in three months, and if you leave it longer, you will be faced with a daunting task, so do it when you add new posts with backlinks to others.

By Lynne Evans

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