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 Ultimate Submitter Kit 3.7.1

Find-out how you can submit your website in 2000+ web directories for free. This software helps you to do this. Using this software you gan generate inbound links for your website for free, promote your website and increase your website search results on major search angines on the web.

Ultimate Submitter Kit 3.7.1 is an open-source software, easy to use that helps you to promote your website on the web. Download now a copy of this software and start submitting your website to web directories for free!

How helps you this software:

  • You can use multiple website profiles,
  • Helps you submitting your website to major search engines on the web,
  • Ping your website sitemap to search engines,
  • Semi-automatic website submitting to high rank free web directories ( 2000+ and counting ),
  • Reduce website submision process using this software by 80%,
  • Using this software you create inbound links for your website and increase your search enbgine results for your website,
  • Free updates for web directories database


  • You can use multiple website profiles,
  • Saving your profile or opening existing one,
  • Multiple web directories selection tools: All directories, All directories excepting ones already submitted, selct directories with specific page rank, select directories by language,
  • View your website submission progress,
  • Generate a report for your submission,
  • Free database updates,
  • Suggest a web directory,
  • Web directory database management: Edit existing directory, Delete directory, Add new directory, delete all database ( for users who want to create their own web directory database),
  • Submit your website in search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Okidoki,
  • Ping your website sitemap to search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Moreover,


This software is open-source, under GNU GPL V3 License, please read GNU GPL V3 before using this software.

System requirements:
  • Windows 98/98SE, ME, 2k/Xp, Vista 32bit, 7 32 bit Operating system
  • Internet Explorer 6 minimum.
  • Disk write permisions ( used for updates, database management, saving website profile )

For a better functionality of this software we suggest to download Internet Explorer 8 by CLICKING HERE on the image bellow.

Descarca  Internet Explorer 8


1. Why can I submit my website automatic?

Web directories use anti-spam protection for submissions ( CAPTCHA ) for preventing automatic website submitting.

2. At some web directories submit form doesn't appear!
Some web directories offers you as different submission. In this case you have to navigate to a propper category for your website and then you can submit website by clicking on Add site button/link.

3. If submitting process isn't automatic why use this software?
This software contains a database with over 2000 web directories and it can be updated. All you have to do is to create a website project and start the submission process, you don't have to enter your website details manual.

4. Some fields doesn't fill!
If you find a field tha doesn't fill please contact us and tell directory adress and the name of field that didn't filled.

5. I have a web directory, can be added in this software database?
Yes! Very simple, all you have to do is to contact us by email : or using the contact form within this site. Write your directory adress and at next database update your directory will be added in repository.

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