Sick Submitter 2011 full crack

It's been a few months I have to publicly present this great tool that lets you automatically create thousands of backlinks Sick Submitter is a tool that allows you to automatic bid on any type of form. Originally it was dedicated to profiles of forum, it is now able to automatically fill any type of form: create profile forum, directory submission, blog commentary, from WPMU of press release, the automatic creation of Yahoo accounts, Social Bookmark, Article Directory ... There is no limit with Sick Submitter because it validates messages and passes the captchas!

Sick Submitter Features

  • It can automatically create default profiles (name, age, address, birthday, site link ...) on a number of important types of forum (phpbb, SMF, MyBB, Vbulletin, Expression Engine, IpBoard, PunBB, FluxBB ... ).
  • It also creates, through its Sick Builder templates and packages its own and thus make their own unique lists of URLs (profiles, blogs, directories, social bookmarking, social networks, press releases, wpmu ...).
  • It automatically validates emails.
  • It skips all types of captchas, the services provided are Decaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, and Beat Bypass Captcha Captcha.
  • The spinning is possible on all text fields Sick Submitter.
  • Multi-threading (up to 30 URLs at once).
  • Creating an automated linkwheels.
  • Management urls profiles through the URL Manager.
  • Submit urls to sites rss feed.
  • Ping function is also available to ping urls newly created.
  • A keepalive is used to simulate the presence on forums and then to index your profile just because your username will appear on the home forums.
  • A submission directories tab allows you to submit to directories phplinkdirectory default but nothing prevents you from creating your template directory for French. You can choose the right category in the directory for this, simply fill in a keyword of 4 field categories.
  • Sick Submitter allows the use of proxy.
  • Sick Submitter also has a scheduler that lets you schedule tasks to be done in time.
  • Note that the creators of Sick Submitter also offer a small free program that lets you sort the urls depending on the type of forum, blog, directory history ... and Get PageRank to facilitate the creation of packages. Sick Submitter is a comprehensive link building tool, which allows you to rank on any keyword. It is a simple tool to take in hand, he nonetheless asked a while learning to create their own templates and packages of urls. Sick Submitter creators and developers of the community are very active: The creators are making regular updates and provide a monthly package of 30 new urls to create profiles.Developers offering original templates and packages (forums, wpmu, blogs, social bookmarks, social networks ...) at very affordable prices.Beside, the free packages are offered by the community, with just the free packages you have plenty to do. The criticism that we can do to Sick Submitter is that it is slow compared to a XRumer, its advantage is that subjects where XRumer is not yet done. It is largely a SEnuke which is even slower to create profiles. And price level are the cheapest

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