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Advanced New Software Sends You Boat Loads of FREE Laser-Targeted Traffic, Hundreds of Relevant Backlinks, and a Raging Torrent of Search Engine Spiders To Any Page You Want!
Blogs allow you to:
1. Get higher search engine positions more often than normal web pages,
2. Attract search engine spiders to get any page you want visited by the search spiders in mere hours or days,
3. And fill your sales pages with targeted visitors interested who’ve just been devouring your content.
Of course, blogs also take a lot of work to maintain. You only have time for so many. However, there’s another way to profit from them. You can still get all of the benefits blogs provide by…
The solution is called Instant Blog Links — A new tool from Rod Beckwith. (the creators of top-selling tools Adword Generator, Article Equalizer, Instant Affiliate Submitter and many more).
Instant Blog Links is an easy-to-download PC software you can run right on your computer (So there’s zero monthly fees and you can use it whenever you want).
It allows you to quickly and easily locate and gradually submit useful comments (along with a link to your website) to countless high-PR blogs within your market. Over time, this can easily add up to dozens, hundreds or even thousands incoming links.
Please keep in mind, that this is NOT an automatic mass submission blog spam tool. You must submit quality comments if you wish to get results.
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