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If you're a blogger and want to learn how to create leads, drive traffic and increase your blogs SEO and page rank, keep reading. This article will teach you how to use blog commenting properly. In order to blog comment effectively, here are some factors that you must consider.
1. Relevancy. In order to raise your SEO or drive traffic back to your site, you want to comment only on blogs that are relevant to yours. If you blog about network marketing and related topics be sure to comment on blogs in your niche(s). Backlinks from relevant blogs will give you much more "link juice" than a blog comment on a non-related topic. Make it a part of your daily ritual to comment on a number of relevant blogs.
Here are some ways to find and manage lists of relevant blogs in your niche.
a. Google Reader. Allows you to find and maintain lists that show recent blog post topics on the blogs you choose. This makes it easy to find blog posts to comment on. It's easy to find, just Go to Google and Google it.
b. Google your "keyword" + blog. You'll get a list of blogs to choose from in your niche to comment on. Be sure to create a CSV file or excel spread sheet with the list of blogs for easy use later.
2. Be First. When choosing a blog to comment on try to be one of the first people to comment. You will get a lot more exposure and possible visitors to your site than if you're commenter #234. Additionally, you're more likely to get the blog poster's attention, which could lead to good things in the future, like guest blogging.
3. Personal Branding. In order to use this strategy effectively, you need to brand yourself in the process. Be unique and interesting. Be sure to use your own voice and help people solve their problems. You can set yourself up as an authority or expert, by blog commenting effectively.
a. Use an avatar or photo. Register at in order to create an avatar or photo of yourself that will appear on each blog comment you make. I can't tell you how important this is. Don't be part of the faceless crowd of commenters. You'll get more responses with a picture.
b. Set Yourself Apart. Don't post boring, uninteresting posts like most people do. Use your own voice, ideas, experience and expertise. Be original and interesting. A sense of humor always helps.
4. Make Quality Comments. Here's another important tip, be sure to read the post and some of the comments before posting. Make sure to leave a valuable comment. Don't just leave a message like most people do like, "great post dude." Make valid points regarding the issues, whether you agree or disagree. I always like to ask questions, to get discussions started. These are some of the basics of how to effectively blog comment. In order to discover more of my tips and secrets about how to use blog commenting to increase your leads, sales and SEO, click on the links below.
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