SEO Tips to Make Search Engines Love Your Website

SEO companies have mushroomed in recent years for following reasons:
· Businesses have become cyber and internet-based, requiring world-wide audience
· Search engines provide an opportunity to do just that
· A well-maintained site will be rewarded by both the search engines by increasing its page rank and by the users by spending more time on the website.
However, to achieve all this, it is important that the SEO company keep changing its strategy as required by the client's website, user's needs and search engine's search algorithm. With good search engine optimization techniques, you can be sure to be in top 10 results.
To be a good SEO expert, you need to think like the user. What are the possible keywords a user might search for and which among them are directly related to your website? By doing this, you can redirect most of the traffic to your website.
Tips for Good SEO
1. Look at your website through a user's perspective. If you have a neat and intelligent layout, people will find it easy to use. If they find your site easy to use, they will keep coming back. Hence, having a SEO friendly website is first step to good SEO.
2. Distinguishing each page is important for the search engines to recognize it as a separate page. If you have all the keywords set properly, like in the title, meta tags with clear keywords to describe each page of your website, search engines will love you!
3. Building links is important, but not using paid sites. Use legitimate sites that are related to your niche and link to them. Use blogs and social networks to get good quality links to your website.
4. Keyword utilization should be judicial. There are density calculator tools you can find online indicating the correct level of keywords for proper SEO. Best way to do that is use a real human to write the content. Search websites are smart enough to differentiate robotic text and real text.
5. If using a blog, WordPress is one of the cool options. It has many plug-ins, which can be of good use to you and your users, making it a desirable option. It attracts users and search websites love gizmos like these and promote it.
6. To optimize the right keywords, use Google analytic, which will give you the exact keyword people use d to get into your site. By optimizing the website for the highest keyword hit, you can improve user influx.
7. Using URLs that search engine finds it easy to navigate is a must. In the URLs, use hyphens instead of underscores to get more hits on individual keywords.
8. Images and videos are good. But tagging them with keywords is better. Tagging, not spamming
By John Delorean 

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