Ideas on Quick Ways to Make Your Own Website

With the web being the area most moving forward and progressing in the area of marketing and design, having a website for your company or even for yourself is an essential. For this reason, learning what it takes to make one easily and efficiently is an essential. Here we will lay out the basics to any web site creation from the home base and what it takes to start yourself off as a web designer.
The first thing you need to grasp is what a web page consists of. A web page is just a set of files of code, typically HTML and CSS. These are the basic blocks of a web site. A web site is simple a bunch of these pages linked together in a set order. Where do these pages live? These pages live on what is called a server computer and they are assigned a particular "domain name" (

Once you have this domain name and place where to store these files you are ready to start the building process. There are two essential languages to building a site unless you are willing to go with a visual builder such as Wix. These flash based sites have their many disadvantages, but if time is that scarce to you then it may be to your advantage to not step into the world of web design and got past the part where you learn to make your own website to just having the site up. These sites like Wix are pretty straight forward and give you a direct way to build not a top quality personally designed site, but something that will work until you have the time to invest in getting a real quality one up.

The essential languages to any site creation are HTML, CSS, and basic PHP. With these three you can learn to use a quick fix and create a site. This obviously does not take into account the design part of the web creation process as this is primarily about the building process of the web developer.
There are several quick fixes or shortcuts if you are willing to learn these basic languages. WordPress is the first among these and is a major advantage to any budding web designer. It allows you to have a site that is fully content manageable (in other words you can have changing and updated content, like a blog for example) and can hook you up with many features that would take you lots of time to learn how to create like preset contact forms, automated email relays, members areas, and so many other pluses.

The second of these is Joomla. Joomla is much like WordPress though WordPress is considered its superior in many respects. They share the manageable content on the site with Joomla being much more about pages and less about making things like blogs or other features.
With a little basic HTML, CSS, and PHP you can build amazing sites. You may find that you like the work so much that you change from the field that you are currently in to working in that sphere as a rule. Learning to make your own website can be amazingly fun and a great way to exercise your creativity.
By Elijah James 

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