Make Money From Google Ads - How to Work With AdSense

Most people know that you can make money from Google ads and that in order to do so, you need to display Google ads on your site, but many don't know how to work with AdSense to maximise revenue.
Here are some tips on how to make money from Google ads and how to work with AdSense.

Tip #1 Before you apply for your AdSense account make sure that you have at least one blog or website with some interesting and informative content on it. As a minimum, you should have three or four posts and/or pages. If you submit a site which is obviously under construction and has no real content then Google may reject your application and once rejected, it's very hard to be considered again, so get it right first time.

Tip #2 Play it safe with the type of website you submit. Google do not permit the display of AdSense adverts on sites with adult content, sites with copyrighted content which do not have the legal right to display such content, gambling sites, sites related to drugs, alcohol or tobacco, violence, weapons, hacking, other illegal activities, compensation programmes and "hate" content. Financial and foreign exchange related sites are also having difficulty gaining approval.

Tip #3 Once approved, create your AdSense for content blocks and make sure to create Custom Channels. Custom Channels will enable you to track the success or otherwise of your ad blocks. Name your Custom Channels so that you will recognise which ad block is being referred to. For example, for my text links which run across the top of my site about cats I use the Channel "catstop" and for the block which appears in the middle of each blog post, I use "catsmidpost".

Tip #4 Google allows the display of up to three ad units and three link units per page. However, use your common sense when choosing how many ads to show. If your page has little content, then six ads will just look like one big advertisement. I usually use a link unit across the top, a large square or rectangle mid-post and another link unit at the end of the post. I also use a skyscraper in either the left or right sidebar. Check out Google's advice on hot spots which will show you the best positions to make money from Google Ads
By Liz Canham

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