How to Write a Better Business Blog Post

Are you covering all the bases with your business blog's content? Or are you sitting back thinking that blogging doesn't work for your business?
If you want to make your business blog work better for you then read on.
  • Is your blog post title interesting enough to make people want to click through and read more?
  • Are there keywords/keyphrases in the title?
  • Are there keywords/keyphrases in the body of the post?
  • Is the first paragraph interesting enough with a good hook?
  • Is your business blog post well-written and not a bunch of fluff and nonsense?
  • Is there a strong call to action in your bio.
Your title has to "talk" to your ideal reader, if your title is generic or bland it will not talk to anyone. Drill down your title and tailor it to your ideal reader. Women: Do the way men drive annoy you? will work far better than Things than other drivers do that annoy you.
Keywords and keyphrases are how you get found in the search engines, you should mention a keyword in your title to stand a chance of being found for that search term. But you can't stop with a keyword in the just the title, for a business blog post to get found you need to mention the keywords or keyphrases a few times in the content itself, as well as tagging the images with that phrase.
Is the first paragraph of your content hook the reader and luring them down the post, is it driving the urge to read more? If it's not then you need to tweak it and adjust it until it does, and that's the great thing about business blogging - it's not set in tone. You can tweak it until it does what it is supposed to do - hook your reader in.
The danger with all types of business post and not just a business blog post is that it's all fluff and no substance. Be ruthless in your editing, if a sentence is there just so you can say you have written a 500 word blog post - delete it. Delete superflous words, sentences and paragraphs. Get rid of the fluff and leave behind strong, useful content. 300 words of great content will perform better than 600 words of great content diluted with fluff.
Is there a strong call to action in your bio? First off check you are adding a bio to each of your blog posts - don't assume the reader will click the about page, give them reason to. Each blog post must have a call to action:
  • If you like this post share it on Twitter
  • If you found this article useful please share it on Facebook
  • If you want more great advice subscribe to my newsletter
If you don't feel comfortable asking your reader to get in touch ask them to share the article on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Remember, one call to action per post or you will confuse your reader.
It's just not enough to write a business blog post and forget about it. For your business blog post to work you need to include the above elements every time you create a post. after you have written the post, you then have to promote it!

By Sarah Arrow

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