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Search engines plays an important role in bringing traffic to blogs including those hosted in Blogger . So the normal web pages should be fixed for errors and tweaked in such a way to drive more search engine traffic . These seo tactics can be divided into both on page and off page optimizations . Today I will be discussing about on page optimization techniques for users of Blogger platform .

205 blogger seo Blogger seo (On page )
1. Submit sitemap :Submit your sitemap to major major search engines like Google , Yahoo and MSN . Submission of sitemap enables the search engine to discover the internal pages of your blog . For Blogger blogs , the sitemap is their corresponding RSS feeds .For reference , I have written an article regarding the submission of Blogger sitemap in Google . You can submit your sitemaps to Yahoo here to MSN live here .

2. Provide Meta tags :Meta tags are simple HTML codes inserted into a template for giving an idea about different parameters of a website, mainly for search engines .  Many people says the meta tags are out of SEO focus from the last 2-3 years . But the case is different with Blogger blogs. Have a look at my blog description in Google , it is what I have given in my meta tags . Here there is no plugins and the meta elements should be manually filled for the whole website or if you plan for a single post .

3 Optimize the post page tittle: Blogger post page titles are not formatted in way it should be . They are come along with original home page title and cause a potential flaw in the search engine positions . Check out this blog post to fix this problem ,

4. Maintain the keyword density : Keep in mind that what you are posting about . Include the the necessary keywords along the article by maintaining the quality . For instance , here I have a title Blogger seo which is repeated two three times in the article without affecting the reader interest .But keep measures to avoid keyword stuffing  for fooling search engines .

5. Order your pages : Arrange you achieve a pages and posts .Give a access to all your posts from a single clickable text link , as per Google webmaster guidelines . Providing related posts and linking to older posts in new ones will also help to boost your serps.

4. Remove label and place text links : The label pages in Blogger are automatically set nofollow by Google . So there is no seo value in keeping the labels in home page . Alternately , you can categorize your posts and include them in single post that can be fixed in homepage . For eg ; Instead of placing the label Blogger tricks and tips , I have written a main post contains all the similarly tagged posts and placed as a text link in my homepage .

6. Use nofollow in suitable locations : Nofollow is an HTML attribute that instruct the search engine to follow a link or not . If it is applied , the targeting link won’t get value for that link in search results . You can use nofollow in download pages an when linking to your competitors or spam sites .

7 Optimize images for search engine . Another source of search engine traffic is the image traffic . It is too important for an entertainment or celebrity site . Check out what you can do for image seo in Blogger .

8 .Optimize the code : Optimize your Blogger template by removing unnecessary JavaScripts and CSS codes . This will improve your search engine ranking along with faster page load time .Also remove unnecessary external links.

9.  Hide Blogger navbar:

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