9 Important Steps for Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays an important role to get higher rankings in search engines. Some important points are listed below
1. Meta Tags
Meta Tags are used in the head section and are not visible on the page when displaying it. There are several types of Meta-Tags including

  • Meta Description is important because it allows us to put description of the page which is also shown by search engines.
  • Meta Keywords are most important; key words are used to find page in search engines.

2. Domain Name
URL or Domain Name is an important factor to facilitate proper indexing of the document.
To get more value and high ranks from URL, labels of the URL or the anchor text should have the same content.
3. Title
Title of the page is another important part. It should make a brief reference to the content of the page to which you are assigning, try to put or assign main key words of your website in title.
4. Description
Short description is placed in Meta tag that summarizes brief and concise content of the document and search engines use it to display below the title in search result.
5. Heading Tags
Heading tags or H tags are also important in SEO. Try to place your main keywords in H 1 or H 2 tags.You can use all six tags from H 1 to H 6, but try to use H 1 to H 3 more. H 1 being the most important and so on until H 6.
6. Keyword
Keyword is the most important and crucial part of SEO, search results are based on the key word. Try to avoid using text as: "Home Page", "Home," Name of the Institution. A person who wants to find a page on the Internet, usually done through a search engine and search engines find this information using keywords so place keywords relevant to your content to get noticed by search engines.
Keyword analysis is first step towards the SEO. Find or search keywords for which you want to optimize the website. Keywords mean those words such as "Songs", "Movies" or words such as "SEO Tips".
Google has its own keyword tool and it is very much effective. You can use it to start your campaign.
7. Relevant Content
Always use valid and relevant content in your pages. It means that the keywords, Meta tags and content of your page must match your topic or niche of the website. Using copy content and illegal practices penalized by search engines such as using hidden text and word lists or excessive use of keywords.
8. Images
Though images are not read by search engines, but you can still use them or give them descriptive attributes to facilitate rankings. You can name the images descriptive and can also add the ALT attribute. It is very important for accessibility of documents with a description of the photo, for example ALT = "Hollywood Top Movies".
9. Site map
Site map is very important for indexing and your site should include a file site map.xml, which contains a map to facilitate proper indexing.
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